What do you think about creating a DJ all-in-one controller for blind people?

I mean something like the Pioneer DDJ1000 or the Denon Prime4, but i think it is a good idea to add a vocal assistant for the software. Windows screenreader softwares and DJ softwares don't work because they are not compatible. the only way that blind DJs can mix is to use a mac with DJay Pro, but they are too expensive for me and for most of the people. so i think that important DJ brands like Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Hercules and traktor should consider making their products more accessible for blind people. what do you think about it? do you know a way that blind DJ can mix using a windows laptop? Please if someone has contacts with these brands i mentioned above, spread this message so they can see and maybe they can fix this.

1 Answer

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    1 month ago

    there just aren't enough blind DJs out there for most companies to make these. that is why they are so expensive. to make up for the fact that they aren't going to sell many.

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