bone healing?

so 4 months ago i was in a major car accident and fractured my femur and my talus alongside other things irrelevant to my question. due to severity i was taken to surgery to get a rod placed in my leg and was almost immediately put back on my feet to get my leg healing. fast forward to now, my ankle has really been bugging me and i can’t stand on it for too long but i think the pain i was used to made me kinda pass it off as normal pain?

i twisted my ankle today and it has been so hard to walk on and bruising more than ever. is there a chance that because my femur was more urgent than my ankle in terms of weight bearing, that it didn’t have time to heal? or could i have rebroke it? just wondering if it’s worth another ER visit..

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  • 1 month ago

    Bearing weight will help fractures heal. I would wonder if the talus fracture is healing, or unstable, if not.

    The ER is not where you need to be. The Orthopedic Surgeon caring for your fractures has been paid for the surgical and fracture care and all needed care is supposed to be included during the healing process. If you are not doing well, then he/she needs to know so they can do the right things.

    Source(s): Orthopedic residency.
  • 1 month ago

    ALL bones take at least 6 weeks to heal. It happens simultaneously. You body doesn’t know urgency. They work on all at the same time. However rather than the ER. Call your ortho surgeon and don’t put weight on it 

    Source(s): ER PA
  • 1 month ago

    It takes 2 weeks for a bone to mend.  Longer for muscles, tendons, etc. and those may never mend, especially if they were stretched or ripped all to H*ll.  After four months, you probably should see a doctor but NOT the ER.  The ER is for "emergencies", thus the label EMERGENCY Room.  Besides, you are more likely to contract covid at the ER.  Schedule a regular doc's visit.  He may decide to have it x-rayed to see how it looks today, to better know what's going on with it.

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