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Are there any examples of horses who have survived after braking a leg in any way?

I was curious to find any information about specific cases involving horses who have broken their legs but were treated and healed afterwards. I only seem to find articles about putting horses down, but it has been known that some horses have recovered. I just can’t find any articles with information about a specific individual horse who has. Surely there must be articles or information out there about the survivors, right? 

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    Here is an excellent article on fixing broken legs. While it does not cover specific animals, it does indicate the substantial progress that is being made in equine surgery, particularly leg fractures.

    As I see it there are two major factors:

    1. The injury can be too severe to repair.

    2. The expense may be far greater than the horse's owner can spend.

    The horse is tremendously strong, and wants to run. Merely setting a bone to be held by a screwed plate may take more strength than the veterinarian has. Recovery from surgery is always risky for horses. Last time I asked my vet about the recovery rate for major surgery he said it was about 60%. Two out of five horses die in or after surgery. 

    Here is a success story:

    Youtube thumbnail

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