77 el Camino Fuel tank bolts that hold it up?

Anyone know exact size of bolt that holds up the tank . Lost the bolts in the move. And wanna get the exact same size . 

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  • M.
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    1 month ago
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    That's so old, I barely remember. 

    It's a 3/8-16, full thread bolt, perhaps 3 inches long.  Use a flat washer under the bolt head.  Use a strip of thick (30#) roofing tarpaper between the strap and the steel tank. 

    p.s.  I dug out my old GM parts book (due to a comment) which covers 1962-1975.  I am posting the page which covers "Group 3.023" which is the gas tank strap bolt.  I would guess that a 1977 is the same as a 1975, but the listing is unclear. 

    All the bolts that I remember are what I mentioned above, which is part #409999 (hex head bolt and a tinnerman nut in the trunk floor) or there were many with a carriage bolt and a nut which was part #3913468.  But in the mid 1970s there were threaded rods with a curved end, they are calling it a hook type. 

    Yahoo Answers is not letting me post a photo today.  It has been acting up all week.

    The hex head bolt or the carriage bolt listed are both ⅜"-16 × 3⅜" long. 

    p.s. #2. My book says 1974-75 all models, ⅜"-16 × 1.7" long.  It seems to be a hook, not a bolt. 

    You need to look on the ends of a gas tank strap.  What does it look like? 

    Losing old parts causes problems. 

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  • Ron
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    1 month ago

    Why would you need the exact same size?

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