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The Aquarium of the pacific Long Beach question?

I brought 4 tickets to go to the aquarium of the pacific in Long Beach for 12pm. I just learned that I needed to make “ reservations to get in” Ive never been in. Now my sister made two reservations for 12:15. For my nephew and herself.  Because of the COVID the maximum group size is 6. Will they let me, and along with 3 of nieces if the party size is 6. I brought my own ticket for 12:00pm And my timed reservation is for 1:45pm. I’m asking this because I’ve never been. 

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    Perhaps you'd be best actually asking the aquarium directly.

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    No, you'll have to go in at the reserved time unless there's a party of 4 with the 12:15 reservation willing to trade with you.

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    I'm so confused by all these times.  You and the rest in your group of 4 can get in at the time of YOUR reservation.  It sounds like your sister's reservation is separate.  So your party of 4 will go in at your time (I can't tell if that's 12:00 or 1:45), and your sister's party of 2 will go in at 12:15.  If you have different times, then you can't all go in together.  Party size means that you can only reserve a maximum of 6 tickets at the same time together on one order.

    Why is this in the Orlando section?

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    How is this an Orlando (Florida) question ?

    Call the Aquarium and ask THEM.

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