What’s the name of this rpg game?

They start of in the top of the mountain at the cemetery. There are three characters that starts their first mission at a cave. One is your main character with brown hair, the other one is a girl with blue hair that carries a flute with her and she’s really good at it, a fat guy with glasses who is afraid at the beginning and owns his own shop right after a few hours & a little white dragon. They saw a white dragon at the end of that cave and they needed to find something. I just forgot the name of that game. Help please. Trying to play it again 

1 Answer

  • Jo
    Lv 4
    4 weeks ago

    Stop it. You should be playing new games, not looking for old ones to play again! It's not healthy. Always look for new things and new experiences. Even if I knew which game you were talking about, I wouldn't tell you. You have to learn to move on.

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