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How effective are VPNs at making the authorities unable to track you?

I'm just curious as that is a huge rumor about VPNs. How effective is it at making you untraceable ??

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    4 weeks ago

    VPNs (at least, ones you can trust) are bound by law to disclose any info when there is a warrant for your arrest.

    a VPN does not make you untraceable. just not EASILY traceable.

  • Adrian
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    4 weeks ago

    If the VPN is in your own country, police can get search warrants to track you down. A VPN from another country provides "some" protection, but going too far, and getting a VPN from some shady operator (or shady country) may compromise your personal data (identity theft).

    In general, VPN protects you somewhat, but if you happen to be involved with some serious illegal activity, like child porn, odds are high you will be tracked down as many countries co-operate on serious crimes. Countries that do NOT co-operate with law enforcement are usually the "shady" ones, and they use their VPN servers to track your personal information.So, bottom line, VPN does protect your identity as long as you are not doing something highly illegal that attracts attention from the law...

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