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Can I sue my company for terminating me due to being out from testing positive for Covid-19?

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    No.  They need reliable employees and that means healthy employees.   You are paid to be there, not off sick.  If you have over-extended the number of sick days you are allowed, then they have every right to fire you.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Employment law experience.
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    You can sue anyone. Your chances of winning are slim.  If you work for an employer with less than 50 employees or a larger one and have been employed less than a year, FMLA would not apply (assuming you filed the FMLA paperwork for this illness).  If you are not covered under a collective bargaining unit with a labor union, that would address absence due to illness, you are an at-will employee. The employer doesn't need a reason to terminate someone as long as it's not discriminatory.  Your being unavailable to work is reason enough and again, they don't need a reason. A lawsuit would go nowhere.

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    Not successfully.

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    FMLA rules cover these issues in the US. Read up. 

    Flma doesn't apply to companies with fewer than 50 employees. You can't expect a company to go out of business while you are sick

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    workers rights ?.  

    what are you, a red communist ?

    what next, demanding "human rights" .  

    this is not a democracy

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    yes of course you can

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