My sister in law and I had a very bad disagreement.  I really need advice ?

Im going to explain exactly what happend that night. Her Nephew & I used to be good friends. Her nephews name is Wesley well he wanted to hang out one day & talk because he was having some trouble I don't remember exactly what the was just a problem with one of his best friends , I just can't recall the problems . Well he was doing drugs & I didn't want any part of it so I told him its best we don't see each other or talk because he was doing really bad drugs . I just didn't want to be around it. I know he was having problems I offered to help him the best i could but he didn't see any problem with what he was doing. 

  I agreed to just talk to him but refused to be around him because of the drug use. Well he got upset &, called his aunt , my sister in law . Her name is Renee . He called me back & told me a bunch of lies that she said. He told me that she said I was being to hard on him & not understanding & he told me she said I was acting like I didn't care about anyone.. He was lieing but I didn't know that , I should not have believed him but at the time i did believe him. Also remember I had been really upset that day & had not even had any sleep because my medicine was messed up at the time. I wasn't on the right medicine for my depression . Well renee my sister in law sent me a text message right at the time he was telling me lies about what she had said. She texted me saying for him and I to stop fighting because she loves us well i took it the wrong way.


I called her up on the phone , like I said i believed what Wesley told me & I called her &, said listen Bit** then I explained what was going on.  She informed me she never said any of that to him & that since I called her that bad name she was washing her hands of me. She has not talked to me since. I did try to Apologize but she said she washed her hands of me & had chosen not talk to any Relationship with me at all. 

Update 2:

She has really done a lot to help me over the years and I hurt her. I feel terrible for what I said to her. I would do just about anything for her to have a relationship with me again. I know what I said was wrong and im trying to make it right. Is there anyway I can truly make this right again?

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  • Carmen
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    3 weeks ago
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    Hello concerned one it’s unfortunate that you listened to a story before checking the facts and allowed fuel to be added to a unnecessary fire so to speak that didn’t have to start. A wise person sees danger as you did with your friend and drugs and you protected yourself but in the process you didn’t protect your relationship with your sister n law on hear say. It happens unfortunately but the only way to fix this with your sister in law is allow time to pass for her to get over being mistreated badly by you in words and deed and by showing her by your actions more than your words how sorry you are and how much you treasure her friendship even if it means you shower her with apology cards letters emails text and pray she accepts them without blocking you. Time heals everything just remember not to believe everything you hear before checking the facts because lack of communication as you see causes problems that sometimes can’t be reversed. Hopes it works out between you and your sister in law. Keep a calm heart and find your peace of mind again and take deep breaths. 

  • Pearl
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    3 weeks ago

    i wouldve just turned him in for drugs

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Hey, at the time you were believing her nephew who you were trying to support but couldn't due to his active drug problems. I can understand why you got upset, you were fed a can of lies and didn't believe your sister in law at the time she texted you. However, you only did call her ***** and explained the situation. Sure, that is a rude word to say but it's not like you were telling her to go f**k herself and to never speak to her again. I guess she is going through a lot too dealing with her nephew and then hearing this made her upset, so the best I can say is to have a sit down with her and apologize. Do you two get together often? If not I'd suggest having a formal phone call and trying to talk this out, you both were upset and communication is the best you can do. I'm assuming you both are close as well, you mentioned she helped you a bunch over the years and I doubt she would want to throw that relationship away. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    How about you take up Believing in GOD, the One and One GOD, that also Sent Jesus to us to be our teacher.

    Pray to GOD and ask GOD for help. GOD dose know all. With GOD comes real LOVE also! 

    Do not use peoples real names here.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    So basically you are in the wrong and Renee is the innocent bystander in all this.  You believed her drug-fueled nephew.  You didn't check with Renee that she'd said those things.  She's been told by him whatever he's said about you.  She hasn't gone into detail so you don't know what he's said.  Renee understands you have both fallen out with each other and she's tried to intervene and told you both she loves you.  You - being a small child in a tantrum (and blaming it on medication...hah....another childish trait) have gone for her and probably really upset her.  Now you know the truth and are feeling remorseful but haven't got the gutst to apologise to Renee.  I suggest that's what you do and tell her you aren't going to hang out with her nephew anymore because of his addiction.

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