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How many times a week should a meat eater eat meat?

Everywhere I come to hear that Western diet consists too much meat and that proves we need to limit the intake of meat consumption.

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    Well the most important thing is to cut down. The ideal amount would be none, but for many that is very hard to do. Especially if they have been used to a specific diet. 

    Some people eat meat with every meal and will be offended if you ask them to quit cold (vegan) turkey.

    Cut down to once a day and then every other day. If you get that far then do once a week and then give it up completely and eat it to treat yourself and on special occasions if you still wish.

    Or you can just cut out specific types of meat. Beef is among the most harmful to you and the planet. 

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    My wife and I eat meat every day. Grilled steak and chicken. Healthier than pizza and fried food.

  • Eat meat every day, but not the whole animal.

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