My height is 5'67 which jeans length should I wear 30 31 or 32?

Actually I use W32 x L32 waist ok but I dont like the 32 length anymore...


I want to get my Jean's cut by tailor but I dont.know if cut 1 o 2 inches 

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  • drip
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    4 weeks ago
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    Your height doesn’t dictate your inseam measurement.  My husband is 6’1”.   His inseam is a short 30”.  His height is in his torso. 

    It also depends on what shoes you will normally wear with these pants. And if you wear your pants on your waist or let them hang off.  

    They do make W32 L31/30 jeans.  

    The tailor will be able to advise you. Let them know where you want them to end. You will need to put the jeans on and they will mark where the new hem will be

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