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Was our involvement in the Balkan wars a mistake ?

Apparently 90% of weapons being trafficked around Europe came from that conflict

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    Yes it was but we all know what these events are for arms sales have never been so profitable so the more conflicts the better America earned it world status sitting isolated and supplying arms and supplies world wide , its the old adage selling guns to the indians of course there will be disasters ,

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    Tito was a very nasty dictator, but nasty was necessary to hold Yugoslavia together.  11 years of hell and the deaths of 130,000 people were his legacy once the prospect of holding Yugoslavia together was abandoned in favour of trying to save a Greater Serbia. Weaponry from ex-Warsaw Pact countries was freely available. I very much doubt that even if the EU had kept out of the picture and not encouraged the secessionists, that the outcome would have been different. In the end game NATO (USA) as the only capable 'fireman' had to move in and put out the fire. Russia might have done the same a lot earlier if Communism hadn't collapsed.

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