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Is this way of intermittent fasting effective?

I have started to do my own version of 16:8 intermittent fasting. I fast for 16 hours and have one big meal but not eat anything for the remainer of the 8 hour eating window so i start counting another 16 hours from the moment i finished that meal. This basically means i eat once every 16 hours on a continuous cycle. 

Is this still an effective way of doing it? I just dont have the need for the entire 8 hour eating window, one meal is plenty for me.

Thank you.

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    It seems like that really won't work in the long run.  At some point you'll be up in the middle of the night eating your meal. That noted, if you want to do something that crazy rather than just having your meal at noon or 2 PM or whatever, that's up to you.

    There are a couple key points to intermittent fasting:

    1.  You want your body to be without calories from any source for at least 14 hours at a stretch.  This is long enough to force your body to burn stored fat. 

    2. You don't want to eat within about 4 hours of going to bed, so eating a huge meal at 8 PM and then going to bed at 10, is going to cause you to store those calories as fat -- which defeats the point of fasting.

    3. You will not lose weight if you eat more calories than your body used whether or not you eat OMAD or six and whether you do IF or not.  

    4. Intermittent fasting is most effective when combined with a keto diet.  If you are eating a high carb meal, you are also not maximizing the effect of the fast.

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