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Is it true that mixed breeds live on average 1.2 years longer than pure breeds?

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    Not sure about the exact years but in general, mixed breeds usually live longer because they

    have more genetic diversity than purebreds so it’s rarer for a mixed breed to inherit a genetic disorder. 

    Purebreds are like inbreeding. If you want a specific trait, the best way to get it is to inbreed the animals. 

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    No it's not true at all

  • Anonymous
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    I find no such statistics.

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    I do not know.  All I have ever had were mutts,  many up into the teens in age, 14 yrs, 16 yrs.  Even the the BYBed pure breeds that I have taken in have lived longer than life span in standards.  Never had a quality dog,  $2,000 to $3,000 is a bit high & I have no interest in showing or working dogs.  So a really good dog with guaranteed health & temperament is well worth the money but the price does not guarantee a long life.

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    4 weeks ago

    No, it isn't true. 

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    That is false.   Many of the longest-living individuals are actually purebred dogs

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    No idea but all the "mutts" I've had have lived longer. My mum's mixed dogs have all lived longer and been healthier for longer. I've heard the idea that mutts being stronger is a myth but not in my experience. I prefer mutts to be honest, as just about every dog in the rescues are mutts and that's where we get ours from. 

    It may depend on the country as well. We seem to have pretty solid mutts in the UK but it's a gamble with every dog. My dog is about eighteen now and she's a lurcher mix. 

    EDIT: (SORRY my internet died half way through this reply)

    The truth is there aren't very many, if any, pure bred domestic dogs. They were all read from other breeds that all ready existed. Those domestic dogs were bred from ones that existed. They create a new dog, which would be a mutt, start breeding them to produce more and then later call them a pure breed. If you research dog breeds you'll see they all came from existing dogs depending on country and date of origin. The great dane was bred in Germany around 400 years ago and was believed to be a mix of Mastiff to hunt wild boar. Most dog breeds came about to produce a purpose then eventually became a breed of their own. Plus, pure breds were often owned by nobility who kept record of age, whereas poorer people never did. Statics only show those that have been noticed and recorded. But honestly breed can be nothing to rely on.

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    Studies at Purdue Vet School indicate that that the theory of hybrid vigor is a MYTH.  Mixes are often from the bottom of the barrel stuff -- not BRED with genetic screenings & health checks on all the dogs behind them as *WELL BRED* (KEY WORD) purebreds are.  BYB "purebreds" are not healthier.

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