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Raising a pitbull with an adult Doberman?

I have a 4 yr old well trained female Doberman and am looking into getting a female pitbull puppy. I feel very confident that my dobe would be great with another dog in the house I just don't know if a pitbull would be compatible with a dobe when it grows up. Keep in mind it will be raised with the dobe from day one. Any comments or concerns.?

If anyone has owned a dobe and got a pit a few years later please le me know your expierences and if you'd do it all over? Thanks!

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    I had the opposite, a puppy Doberman who grew up with an adult pit bull (Both males). They were the best of friends. They slept together, followed each other around the house, played together. When it came time for my pit bull to pass on, my Doberman got very depressed and now whenever he hears keys jingle he thinks its the pit bull with his collars tags jingling only to come running and be disappointed that its not him. So long as you monitor them together (always, anything could happen after all even if they are friends) and work with socializing and training at a young age, there shouldn't be an issue. 

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    If you spay the dogs, they will get along better.  And if you get your pitbull from someone that cares about temperament you stand a better chance of them getting along.

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    It's pit bull, two words.  I have a well trained GSD, and she most definitely would NOT accept a puppy into my household.  My second dog is older than she is, they have never had a growl or an incident or anything else, but she would NOT accept another dog.

    There is no such thing as "this breed doesn't like that breed."  That's like asking if Italian men like Canadian women.  IT'S A MATTER OF INDIVIDUAL CHOICE.

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    No way would I have a b*tch  Pit Bull.   A male maybe but never two females of these breeds.  

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    Pit bulls do poorly in multiple dog households.

    These are also both dominant breeds that are prone to same-sex aggression.

    I would advise getting a MALE dog of a less dominant breed and make sure both are spayed/neutered

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    Two females will fight more than two males.  Doberman is is home dog & puppy would be invading her territory & she will snarl, snap, bite, growl, warning the pup to keep its distance & if pup does not heed those warning the Doberman may take the pup to the floor but that is the Canine way to correct a pup. 

    Now days most every pit is dog on dog aggressive & when she gets older she may be a problem dog trying to kill the Doberman.

    When you put two bitches into the same household, you are only looking for problems.  They may or may not get along.  It is the two individual dogs with two different temperaments.  Which ever has the them most dominate temperament will be top dog.  They will fight for this position.  One of them has to be dominant over the other, it is just the canine way.

    There is a possibility that all will be fine but likelihood is no it won't be good.  depends on the two dog if they will get along or not.

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    Pit bulls normally do poorly in multiple dog homes by the time they reach full maturity (2-3 years of age). That goes doubly with same-sex dogs, and triply when it's two females. Unless you have a feasible plan that maintains quality of life for both dogs ready to implement to keep these dogs 100% apart for life when a problem develops (as it is likely to), this is a terrible idea. 

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    Pit Bull apart, I'd not have two bitches together under the same roof, especially given one is a Doberman and the other a Pit Bull, two potentially dominant breeds.   Once bitches fight, there is no way back.

    We had more bitches of my breed, than males but mine was a breed that traditionally got along.   And we bred them - temperament being as important as conformation.

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    In my experience in both owning dogs (training to numerous titles in multiple fields of endeavor) and in rescuing & adopting out dogs, I have NOT found it WISE to have two dogs of the same gender.  Even if both females are FIXED (in their case) it will not be hormones, as the issue.  Same gender fights are more common than opposite gender.  In addition, you are choosing to own NOT one but TWO DOG DOMINANT breeds.  That ADDS to the likelihood (if there ARE disagreements between them) - it will escalate & be SERIOUS.  

    Further - WHERE do you plan to go to get a well-bred pit bull puppy with a GOOD temperament?  Most that are out there (either in shelters OR for sale) are from DOG FIGHTING LINES.  How will you know otherwise?  That background does not show up on any "pedigrees' and since the "breed" IS NOT AKC recognized - good luck on any background info.  WHY would you buy a breed -which has been developed (and devolved into a dog used for KILLING other dogs and displaying severe dog to dog aggression)?  

    Lastly, have you checked your insurance (homeowner's or renter's) - and CHECKED to see what their OPINION is, and whether they will CONTINUE to COVER YOU - if you own a pit bull (TWO WORDS!)  Many will DROP YOU and TOO bad if you also bought car insurance through the same policy (to save money....)  WAVE bye-bye, to all of your coverage or hello to VERY HIGH premiums.

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    Other peoples experience will be of no use to you, simply as  dogs are brought up, walked/exercised, trained/socialised differently.

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