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What would an unknown Abraham Lincoln photo discovery be worth ?

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    A lot depends on the historic significance. For instance, a photo of him at Ford's Theater on the night of his assassination would be worth a premium while one taken before he was anyone of prominence would be valued much less - not "nothing", but less because there's no well-known event to tie him to.

    A signed photo would be worth quite a bit regardless of what it depicted since the signature would be where the main value is.

    To reply to another comment made, yes, he was a white supremacist. But then Churchill not only discriminated against Germans (he was obsessed with wiping the entire German culture off the map) he was a racist but a fraud, liar, plagiarizer, womanizer, homosexual, and a drunkard.

    There seems to be a cognitive dissonance pandemic in Britain.  

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    The Strong Museum in Rochester, NY apparently bought a newly-discovered photographic plate of a young Abraham Lincoln in 1998 for an undisclosed sum. I was living there at the time and I remember the story in the news and the way it was determined that the man resembled Lincoln but wasn't him.

    Apparently the patterns of the veins in the back of one's hands never changes, and the many authenticated portraits of Lincoln that showed the veins did not match the pattern of the man in this plate.

    I don't know if what Strong paid ever became public knowledge. There's a story in the New York Times about it, dated August 20, 1998, but it's behind a paywall.

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    to many Nothing Lincoln was a Racist

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    Plenty, but it would have to be authentic. They didn't have cameras like we do now, so it would have to be on that type of photo plate.

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