When you put your mobile earphones on, do you look at which one is L and which one is R?

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    7 months ago

    Slow:  My comment is unrelated to this question.  I refer to your previous one, on t "bloopers" in recordings.  

      I'd written that McCartney's lyric in the last verse of "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" may not have been an error, & cited some instances when they spoofed transvestites, etc. in other songs, a carry-over from seeing some odd people in Hamburg's Reeperbahn district in 1960-62 (still visible there).    You countered about "Loretta Martin: in "Get Back" may have been an error, as you read somewhere that it was supposed to be "Loretta Modern."  Here, I refer to "The Beatles Get Back", published in 1969.  It's the large & heavy book of photos (many are out-takes from the "Let It Be" film) & comments about the Jan. '69 recording sessions that resulted in the"Let It Be" album & film.  It was included in 1970 in the package that was the "Let It Be" album.  I've had the book for 50 years now.    "Get Back" was originally written as a political song.  In conversation on 2 Jan. '69, we see:   "Don't dig no Pakistanis takin' all the people's jobs.   Wilson (Harold, U.K. P.M. at that time) said to the immigrants   "You'd better Get Back to your Commonwealth homes,    Yeh, yeh, yeh, you'd better Get Back home ..."- there's also a 2nd verse.  They also recorded a version with German lyrics on the idea of   "Geraus!  Geraus auf den haus!" (Get out!  Get out of the house!)I have a "bootleg" recording of this version, which is about 2 min, 30 sec. long    

      From the 2 Jan. notes, even then the name was Loretta MARTIN, which may have been taken from producer George Martin.

      I also forgot in my other notes the song "Rocky Raccoon."  

      "Her name was MacGill, & she called herself Lill, 

        But everyone knew her as Nancy"

    In British slang dating to at least 1945, "nancy boy" is a homosexual.  This implies that Rocky had Lill, a transvestite or transsexual as a lover, who was know to others as such.  He lost the gun fight with Dan for Lill.     


  • 7 months ago

    No, I don't look at that.

  • John
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    7 months ago


  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Yes, I do look at it to see which is L and R.

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