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Where did the English come from?

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    They are mainly the result of a mass rape between warring Germanic tribes and incestual relations with their own kin, the inbreeding is why they have bad teeth, thankfully the BAME community have added to the gene pool and eradicated the bad teeth somewhat and added colour to the place

    Source(s): Professor of Anthropology Edinburgh University, Doctor of Archeology Cardiff University, PHD in Historical studies and Eugenics London City University
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    Sit down with a cuppa and read through this, and learn!!

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    Not where you come from, Mr Muggings. 

  • We were asked to come to this planet, to bring character, class and a certain sense of "Jenny sait quaaa" (that's French doncha know) to heathens, barbarians and the Welsh. We sacrificed so much by leaving paradise.

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    Same places as the Scottish, Welsh and Irish.  All over the place.

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