Will I lose my ssi if I’m not willing to do an consultative exam?? ?

I’ve received ssi ever since I was an child and I received an letter in the mail from ssa if I was willing to take an consultative exam, but I’ve already taken one when I turned 18 (I’m 23 now) and they let me keep my social security so I don’t see why I’d have to do it again

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  • Judith
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes.  You will lose your benefits if you fail to cooperate with social security.  Period.  That applies to everything - not just medical reviews.  Receiving benefits comes with responsibilities if you want to continue receiving them.  It is 5 years later.  Mental and physical conditions can change greatly in 5 years.  EVERYONE who receives a benefit based upon a disability must undergo periodic medical reviews to insure that they still meet medical requirements.  Why do you think you should be any different?  CE's are not the norm.  They are expensive and add to processing time.  CE's are only done when there isn't enough CURRENT medical evidence in the file to make a decision as to the continuance or termination of benefits.

    If they must make a decision based upon the info already in your file then your benefits will be terminated because, right now, evidence doesn't support continuing benefits or they wouldn't be scheduling a CE.

    I don't think having a medical review every 5 years or so is unreasonable.  Congress requires that SS conduct periodic medical reviews which are usually done every year, every 3 years or 5 or every 7 years depending upon the nature of the disability.

    So if you want to continue receiving your monthly benefits (and Medicaid) I suggest you co-operate.  Otherwise they will terminate your benefits after making more than several attempts to get you to cooperate.  Frankly, I think the requirements that they make so many attempts is a waste of SS's time and taxpayer money.  But trust me - terminating your benefits WILL happen if you don't cooperate.  So cooperate now and save everyone all that time and trouble working on your case.  You ain't the only person they have to work with and you would only be stealing time away from other people who are cooperating..

    NOTE:   Once terminated you can file an appeal if within 60 days of the termination notice but benefits will NOT be paid to you while the appeals are pending.  Or if after the 60 day appeal period you would have to file a new claim during which time you would also not be receiving benefits.  In other words, if you fail to cooperate and benefits are terminated, you will be without an income from social security until, or if, your new claim or appeals are approved.

    I was a SS claims rep for 32 yrs.

  • Because evidently when you turned 18 they thought you might need a little more time to mature and grow-up and decided to extend your SSI for only 5 years. They had a choice of 1 3, 5, or 7. If you don't have a consultative exam, they base their decision on the info they have. They wouldn't ask for the exam unless they had their doubts.  So say no, and expect to be denied. Or say yes, and fight to keep it. Expect this to happen for the rest of your life.  My son Haas Down syndrome. Doesn't go away, doesn't get better and yet he has this every 7 years.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like they want to see how you're doing five years later. I would assume it's mandatory. If you can support yourself otherwise, then by all means skip the exam. If you still require the taxpayer for financial support, then go have the exam. Getting an exam once every 5 years isn't exactly overbearing or anything. 

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