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What are some badass anime characters ?



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    Most Powerful Saiyan, Bardock.

    Started a Revolution, Kamina Jiha.

    Defies All Laws And Physics, Sakata Gintoki.

    Super Genius And Loves To Study, Kintaro Oe.

    The Only Real Ninja In NarutoVers, Rock Lee.

    Magical Girl Knight, Erza Scarlet.

    The Ghost Ninja, Otoha Yosuke.

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    I guess it would depend on what you think is 'badass'. Personally, someone like Nishinoya from'Haikyuu!!' because of an amazing save he did. Although if you're thinking strength wise, for sure Ban or Meliodas from 'Seven Deadly Sins'

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    Let's add a few more.

    Kamina from Guren Lagann is so badass that he's the face of the show even though he's not in most of it.

    Most of the cast of Black Lagoon.

    Olivier Armstrong in FMAB.

    Fujimoto in Golden Kamui.

    Sinbad in Magi.

    Balsa from Seirei no moribito.

    Shiki Ryougi in Kara no kyoukai.

    Adult Shinobu in the Monogatari series.

  • Imp
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    Almost everyone in Dragon Ball (Broly I think is the most powerful), Guts and party from Berserk, the Cowboy Bebop crew, Saiga from Speed Grapher and main characters in Lupin the third!

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    Shinobu Sensui (yu yu hakusho),

    Dante (Devil may Cry TV show),

    Spike Spiegel (Cowboy BeBop),

    Motoko Kusanagi (1995 Animated movie "ghost in the shell" pressumingly also preceding TV show and manga),

    Miroku (InuYasha),

    and so on so forth. Definitively not chagemen Ken tho that brat is just bad apple and ********.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The care bears.      

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