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What should I do?

So I was really bored and I went onto Omegle just because. There were a lot of horny people on there so I decided that I would troll them. I trolled this one dude but and said that I was doing whatever he wanted but I was not doing anything at all in reality, I would never. So anyway he tells me, don't go I am depressed and we talk about school and stuff. He is 15 and I am 14. So he insists that I talk to him outside of omegle and he seemed nice so I added him on skype. He keeps saying things like he loves me and keeps calling my baby and I did tell him that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. The problem is that I just said all of that to be nice I have no idea what made me say any of that. We talked and stuff so even though we are dating, he seems very attached to me but he doesn't even know me. I feel so weird and dirty because I did say some nasty things on omegle out of pure boredom and I thought that we would never meet. What should I do now?????


  He is so attached to me we got into a long conversation about feelings and stuff but I feel so weird!  I do not even know the guy, we also face timed and he seemed so nice not that I have him on skype I have no choice but to either block him or play along. 

Update 2:

Thanks guys, I just blocked him it is okay now

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    He doesn't love you. Rather, he is just some horny, pathetic, attached loser. You're also much too young to be thinking of such things.

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    1 month ago

    is he sexy to you????

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    1You shouldn't say anything on skype which can be recorded and used to blackmail you. 2 Just say that the truth - if you don't want to go on with that relations. 

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    maybe you should just tell him the truth

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