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French Question help?

Write the feminine form of the adjectives in the sentences. Help me please. I am really confused and lost. This is all the info I have. 

1) Le vélo est vieux. La voiture est ________.

2) Paul est français. Paulette est ________.

3) Charles est beau. Charlotte est ________.

4) Thierry est heureux. Sa femme est ________ aussi.

5) Le chocolat est bon. La vanille est ________.

6) Le papier est blanc. La neige est ________.

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    1. This is irregular - the feminine is vieille

    2. This is regular so simply add the letter 'e' - française

    3. This is irregular - the feminine is belle

    4. This is regular. Here the finally must be doubled and the 'e' added - bonne

    5. This also follows one of the regular rules and becomes blanche.

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    Feminine of vieux (old) is: vieille. ( a car is feminine in French).

    Feminine of the word: Français ( French) is: Française.

    Feminine of beau ( beautiful / handsome) is: Belle.

    Feminine of heureux ( happy), is: Heureuse.

    Feminine of bon ( good), is: Bonne.

    Feminine of blanc ( white) is: Blanche.

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