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What kind of information can someone get about someone through research ?


What kind of info can you find out about someone?

Update 2:

It’s just a question out of curiosity 

Update 3:

I want to know what kind of info someone could potentially get about me or someone else? 

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    do you mean like a background check on a person ? Hire a PI...  or going into the field of research

    If you want to go into a field of research:

    1. where would you like to work?

    2. IDK =1. so take visits and talk to people that work there. get first hand information from people who do that work. don't get advice, or watch documentaries or ask a guidance counselor, or ......

    3. would you want or be able to relocate yourself?

    4. get into your mind: I want first hand experience, then test your mind. For example, do you get sea sick, are you afraid of heights, do you see yourself cleaning up after that sort of animal you will be researching? or doing research on- is your stomach able to cope with putting needles into any living animal or human

    5. do you want to sit at a desk, or talk with people all day, or be isolated for long lengths of time with NO people.

    6. I can keep going on with this list.. but do you get the idea? what can you handle? THE REASON for all of this: to do research as a profession takes more that just pouring in $$ to get a diploma. It's easy to go any place in your community and talk to people first hand. If you want to research whales but you live in Kansas, you can still go to PetSmart and talk to people that take care of the fish in the store. If you don't want to bother with living things, you have to be good at math all the way up to calculus. A person who does research on anything uses tools, some require extensive math like business $$ or using machines or algorithms or just plain logic ....  you still need to be able to operate that machine. So get creative and talk to people who know what it is like to work in that field. If you arent creative, then research is not something for you.

    7. do you have the time $$ required or the time needed to devote to this. I believe you can do anything if you have at least one of these.


    8. your answers are right in front of you HERE!! read the kinds of answers people post in every topic here and read the answers (non troll) that people post. My suggestion is to not do that here on yahoo, but on REDDIT - those people know their sh**. See if you can understand what people ask or people's answers. The reason for that is you do have limitations, cause youre only human. Know what they are before you devote your lifetime or life savings into it.

    hope you find what you really seek

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    3 weeks ago

    Depends what information you want. People can get a lot of information about you from employment history, voter registration, newspaper reports, memberships of companies etc.

  • 3 weeks ago

    That COMPLETELY depends on what kind of research they undertake, and who the person is.

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