portability in a pc?

I am hoping to study abroad next year and I am a bit cautious about bringing my PC on a plane. 

I am building a micro itx form factor pc but I am stuck on which case to get. I have seen very compact PC cases that can even fit into a backpack (danA4). This would make things so much easier and make me feel safer about having my PC on the move. (side note- I am planning to take vulnerable parts out and packing the inside for stability).

this would be my first PC build and while researching cases, I came across the NZXT H1 case. it is super beginner friendly and comes with a PSU and AIO. It is larger and taller than cases like the danA4 which seem to be more portable. It also has a glass panel that scares me when it comes to transporting it.

I'm torn between getting a beginner-friendly case that is pretty much perfect for me or go for something more practical transportation wise. it most likely wouldn't be an issue but its the difference between a 500$ CAD case with transportation risks or cases that are less beginner-friendly and are also seemingly impossible to find.

there's also the water cooling aspect in a pressurized airplane thousands of metres in the air.

Any tips are helpful!

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