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Can I get the YA communities opinion on this? ?

My husband just got a job offer in Raleigh NC. We both lost our jobs recently due to Covid and have been considering a move for sometime now. The company is 

allowing my husband to work from home until September 1st but then he has to be in the office in Raleigh. We live about 4 hours from Raleigh. We’ve never actually been to Raleigh and have “attempted” to price apartments and homes and get a feel for the area. The biggest issue is this stupid coronavirus. My husband is hesitant to accept the job because he’s not sure about the logistics of finding an apartment during covid19. I’m also starting to become hesitant. Would you wait until things calm down a little? We have enough money saved up to last us at least 6 months where we currently live. We also have money in a savings account but we don’t REALLY want to touch that because that money is being put away for a house. We have about 100K saved for a home too so if we HAD to use that we could. Would you hold off on moving? Thoughts? 

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    shouldn't be a problem finding housing, housing is an essential service.  contact a realtor and ask them how it is working.

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    Is this a career move or a job move?

    - In normal instances, is your husband excited about the opportunity = for sure, he takes it.

    - Is it something he is considering because it's "there" and not something if he had his choice, he would want.

    The logistics of finding an apartment during covid season is pretty much the same as any other time in the world.

    - you might do things online / over the phone that are usually done in person

    - the landlord / property manager will likely hand you the key to look at the place by yourself or for sure maintain distance if they are doing a walk through.

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    Any reason why you cannot go and explore the place now, maybe on a weekend?

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