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Family help! I saw a Grant of Representation addressed to both of my parents?


I need some help please with a family crisis. 

Cut a long story short, my Nan (my Dad's Mom) passed away at the end of April this year. She originally had her will wrote in 2009 and that will stated that both my parents were Executors of her will and everything was going to my Dad. 

However, after my Mom and Nan had a big fall out my Nan told me, my brothers, her neighbours, even my Dad and near enough everyone that she had changed her will in winter 2019/2020 and was leaving everything in her will to me and my two younger brothers. (I'm 21, my eldest brother is 18 and my youngest is 17).

My Nan last said that her new will was at a local solicitors. 

I had a look and I saw a Grant of representation from a Solicitors addressed to both of my parents saying that the will in 2009 was ready for probate..

Help please? If my Nan changed her will, then would it be on a date base somewhere? 

She had her will in 2009 in her bungalow but not her new updated will?

Any advice on what I can do about this situation would be very helpful! 

I don't believe for one second that my Nan would have lied, told half of the family that she had changed her will if it's wasn't true.

And before anyone says "Speak to your Dad", I have and I think he's lying through his front teeth.

Help please, thank you!!!

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    Perhaps your nan never did update her will. Did you see the new will? 

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    Since she "said that her new will was at a local solicitors", go to that solicitor.  If you don't know which one, then ask all the local solicitors until you find the right one.

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    i would let your dad deal with it

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