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What type of metal is better for building a gokart frame? Circular pipe or square tubing pipe?

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    Better is the round pipe because you can adjust the angles easier by bending the pipe instead of trying to bend or pie/angle cut square tubing. However, to use and weld round pipe you almost have to have a notching fixture or be REALLY good at doing it freehand. That makes fabrication with the square tube "easier" but not always "better" because of stresses and odd angles needing to be matched up. Square tubing has more flat so you have more welding surface on average, but that goes back to the trade-offs in strength/weight/stress loads comparing the two choices. 

    Both can make a good frame but, being able to form round tubing into graceful curves is a great advantage. 

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    You should only use what's called DOM or Drawn over mandrel round stock .On this type of metal tube there is no seam .On other types of tube,square or round it's formed and then welded at the seam .DOM tubing is what should be used in my opinion .but if you don't Square tube does not flex as well as round tube .What you also need to get right are is the geometry of the chassis ,and the welds .It's also depends on engine size as to how big the chassis should be ,I would use round tube myself Square may be too rigid and cause stress cracking at critical weld points .Since people do ride these things safety is paramount Keep that in mind when you build it If you can use a grinder ,a d are confident in using one You can gracefully notch the round tube to fit a mating point while welding the chassis up .At the least have some magnetic 45s around ,not just two but a few PAIRS  of these magnetic blocks can help you jig it up,and hold in a mock setup before welding ,and to measure certain points Unless your mass producing Making a jig for the chassis seems time consuming .But round stock can be notched using a grinder if you have experience using a grinder like that I do it all the time and it's not that difficult If I had to do many of them then I'd invest in a notcher They can be bought fairly cheap .Depending on the size of it .What critical is when you set the spindle   mounts for the front wheels Make sure there both spot on ,For it to track.correct when it's driven The front spindles must be perfect and sometime set at certain degrees too .And the rear axle mounts or bearing blocks must also be perfectly in line or it'll bind won't ever go.straight either and steer like crap .Overall it's not crazy hard Just some math and maybe many.mock ups before it's welded .Good luck 

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    Boy boy is right. Although I expect you will see both round and square in production models. Square tubing would be more rigid than round and assuming you used a metal cutting chop saw and can weld properly this would be more durable. Bending round is useful but personally I think the welding would be more difficult.

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    a clue would be ..go and look at factory made products ..especially successful ones ..the stronger and lighter the best 

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