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After WW2, how come Germany went on to become richest country in Europe?

Considering the other European countries France and UK being on the winning side, Germany (first West Germany I know) eventually ended up with a larger economy?

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    Largely due the the Marshall Plan. 

    From 1947 until 1952, some $13 billion of economic and technical assistance—-equivalent to around $147 billion in 2020—were loaned to Western Europe by the US Government. By 1949, with the US Government realizing that a renewed Germany could act as a bulwark against Russia, loans were extended to also include the newly formed West Germany. In the years 1949–1952, West Germany received loans from the US which totaled $1.45 billion, equivalent to around $16.5 billion in 2020.

    West Germany subsequently began a slow but continuous improvement of its standard of living, with the export of local products, a reduction in unemployment, increased food production, and a reduced illegal post-war black market.

    The country's economic recovery under the newly formed democratic government was, once it was permitted, swift and effective. During the mid-1950s, the unemployment rate in Germany was very low indeed and its economy continued to improve quickly until the 1973 oil crisis.

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    never  had a military until 12 November 1955 and was rebuilding using the Marchall plan then putting their energy into Building a new Germany a British Major saved VW when the British Military ordered 10,000 Utility Vehicles

    From the EU they received funding to rebuild Eastern Germany taken from the UK Donations now the Germans will reduce the Funding to the East by 60% because the UK money is not available f

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    They went straight away to working, and built manufacturing plants all over the country.

    They quickly began making almost everything one could mention.

    Source(s): history.
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    Because Americans countries invested heavily in the country to prevent it from falling into communist hands. When they became more affluent, they no longer liked communism and so they distanced themselves from communism.

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    prostitution. .

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    For the same reason than Japan: hard-working, creative, ambitious and innovative people with a good education in a country that occupies a central position in Europe and also a good infrastructure and good political system. Furthermore, both political and economic system of Germany fostered competition and the rule of law.

    West Germany has been rich, but even East Germany was richer than other Communist countries except the USSR. But East Germany had a higher living standard than any other Moscow-controlled country).

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    They did not spend much money on defence. They let large number of

    American and British troops to be based in West Germany.

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    Germans as a people have always had a strong work-ethic. They are proud to work hard and too proud to produce or settle for less than the best.

    Their products are quality work. People throughout the world buy German manufactured products because they equate "Made in Germany" with "best" and "most reliable" for their money.They were and still are outstanding industrial scientists.  They have developed dyes, medicines, medical and surgical innovations, precision instruments, etc.

    They know how to manage and invest their money. "Good reputation" leads to more sales and more profits, to be invested in more plants, more innovations and research (and better, state-of-the-future goods and services), more investment in other areas and in other countries.

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    strong work ethic and not being allowed to spend money on the military from my understanding

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    Winning was about stopping Hitler taking over, it wasn't a who has the most money competition.

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