How come people like to make me become psychotic and have homicidal thoughts and don't want me to go to a hospital ?

So I asked my family to take me to the lake to go swimming since all pools are closed and I got yelled at for it. They said that I'm a prick. They said we're preparing to put the house back on the market and then you wanna go play and crap. I'm so sick and tired of my family. I've thought about just shooting myself and shooting everyone in the house. I told them that I may need to go to the hospital. They said no and that I need prison instead cause I'm a prick. I don't get why people think the worse of me. I'm mentally ill so I need mental health treatment or hospitalization, not prison. I'm sick and tired of my family not helping and I'm sick and tired of them and everyone thinking that I need prison. I'm bipolar and I need hospitalization at worse to get better. I don't get why everyone wants to put me in prison instead of trying to hospitalize me. Why do people keep on wanting me to go to prison instead of a hospital ?? How come people keep on messing with me ? I'm having homicidal thoughts and I want to shoot everyone in the house. I'm tired and fed up with people treating me like trash. I need help and everyone including my relatives wants to throw me in jail.

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  • If what you say is true, then put yourself into a hospital voluntarily.They will keep you 3 days and evaluate you. You can get yourself all over the country in your parent's car without a license, you certainly can get yourself to the hospital. 

    Don't believe for a second you are who you are pretending to be. The grammar and syntax is all wrong. Try again.

  • 4 weeks ago

    this sounds fake, like someone trying to imitate kenneth.....kenneth never thinks he needs to be hospitalized, his immediate family caters to him and wouldn't call him a said you had warrants, are you still hiding out?

  • 4 weeks ago

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    Yet another baseless people are mean to me so I'll show them by killing myself threat from jacob the liar.

    Nobody has to make you psychotic you've done that to yourself already.   If you think you need to be hospitalized then tell your "therapists" you want to be committed.  It really is that easy.   But of course then you would actually have to stay away from social media and off the streets.

    The way others treat you is a mirror reflection of how you treat them.  You get what you give.  Stop being such a childish brat, brazen abuser and liar and perhaps your life will change.  

    Being autistic is not a free pass and being a pathological liar and inept troll is not a disability, jacob.

  • 4 weeks ago

    " I'm mentally ill so I need mental health treatment or hospitalization, not prison. "

    Ideally both. 

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