Why does every single Indian female customer service agent sound 100 % exactly the same?

I know I'm not exaggerating. Every single time I am on the phone with customer service I swear it's the same lady who answers for like 30 companies. I live in America..why can't I / we hear any difference in female India ladies voices??


Bunch of Jackasses in the answers section. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! can't I be f'n scientifically curious!?  I'm sure I am not the ONLY person who has ever wondered this!

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  • Craig
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    3 weeks ago
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    From birth to some point in the midst of toddler-dom, our brains specialize our hearing logic by physically pruning neurons that aren't used very much.  This pruning does two things:  It makes you much more efficient at understanding and mimicking the language that you mother speaks to you, and it also makes it harder and harder (as the pruning continues almost up to adolescence) to understand any languages that are different from what you're used to hearing.

    The same process happens with facial recognition.  As you grow, your brain specializes in telling faces apart if they are like faces that you see every day, but that specialization actually makes it harder for you to distinguish between any two faces of people who look a good deal different from the people you're used to dealing with.

    This explains what all those Indian ladies sound exactly the same to you.  They don't REALLY sound the same - any Indian child or adult could tell them apart instantly.  But your brain hasn't grown up around people who sound like that, so it can't hear the differences between them.  It has already pruned out most of the neurons that you would need to tell one Indian lady's voice from that of another.                  

  • 3 weeks ago

    Because they are all related and are born with a high pitched squeal

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