Saint Joan Of Arc - hero or nut?

My Dad, ever the scientist, pointed out to me Joan Of Arc had visions of angels not because they were the real thing, but because the land her family owned had mushrooms which caused hallucinations. So, Saint Joan killed many people, French and English, in her belligerent campaigns. Why has Joan come to be seen by many (like me) as a hero, not a nut or even a fool?

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    Joan was a hero.  She not only fought against the invaders of her country, she led the fight and won all her battles but the last one. She became the inspiration of final victory and freedom to France.

    If she was not fully sane, that does not make her less than a hero.

    I think your dad was wrong about the mushrooms, since no one else in her family and village was reported to have had hallucinations. The mushrooms would have been part of their food supply, not just of hers.  

    And she had confessed to having several visions from the time she set out on her quest to the time she was held captive.  

    And she was believed, else she would not have been permitted in the fight. And the French won while she was leading them, which reinforced the claim that those voices she said she heard were from God.

    I am not saying that what she heard were angels, but she believed that she had heard messages from angels and that the angels would help her save France. Hearing voices was not a sign of insanity in medieval Europe. People expected God and the Devil intervened in human affairs, even that they directed humans in their actions. Angels came to Mary, Moses, Jacob and others in the Bible, so to disbelieve in angels and in their  voices was to be insane or disobedient to  God.

    The question regarding Joan in her lifetime was whether she was guided by God or the Devil. Any insanity was caused by her resistance against the voices or by the evil voices deluding her to sin against God (for instance by wearing men's clothing and acting like a man).

    Joan was a religious girl, a teenaged girl, living in an occupied  or threatened to become occupied country. Her family and neighbors were involved in the fighting. She was naturally concerned about their fate and hers. She believed it was not right that the ungodly English were ravaging her country,  calling it theirs and preventing the rightful king from being annointed and crowned. If the king was annointed and crowned, the usurper would be defeated and life would be as God ordained it 

      Like most teens, she wanted to do something about it NOW. Her mind was in a state of turmoil. She wanted to be a man, so that she would be allowed to be part of the God ordained work.  Perhaps she felt that she was as good as a man in war. 

    Perhaps she believed God had made her a man inside a woman's body, to perform this act of rallying the people to drive out the ungodly English and subdue the ungodly Duke of Burgundy. She may have been told throughout her childhood that she was more like a boy than a girl. That may be the reason why the God who was always right put a man inside her, why she could not act like a girl.  God had strange ways of righting wrongs, she knew.   God had used a virgin to provide the Savior of mankind, and an angel had told that virgin that God had chosen her.  Maybe the sounds in her ears and thoughts in her mind were from angels. Maybe she was just as special as Mary.

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    She stood against the enemy of her country almost always a guarantee of heroic status. Scratch a bit deeper and she was a religious extremist most likely mentally ill.

    The elite branch of the British army is the renowned SAS and one of their great heroes was Paddy Mayne a remarkably brave soldier from ww2 but closer inspection reveals him as a bullying, drunken psychopath.Heroes come in all shapes and sizes 

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    ZZz Zzz boring question.

  • 1 month ago

    She was both a nut and a hero

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  • Phil
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    1 month ago

    She was a heroic nut.

    And if she was delusional what does that say about the many followers whom she led into battle ?

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    Perhaps because before La Pucelle came along the English had been kicking French *** for years.

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    I highly doubt she took the mushrooms on campaign with her. 

  • John
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    1 month ago

    why should she be? you are mistaken joan of arc and her followers killed no one. She was a saint and even had a halo.

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    I doubt that fabrication about mushrooms.....

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