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When atheists say there is more evidence for evolution than gravity, isn’t it a lie by omission that they leave out the fact that the....?

evidence they speak about is for MICRO evolution and not MACRO evolution?

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    Nope.  You not understanding doesn't mean the other person is lying.  Evolution of both kinds is real, and there is huge amounts of evidence for both.  "More than gravity" might be an exaggeration.  I'm not sure about that.  But evolution is absolutely real.  

    Microevolution is easy to prove because you can demonstrate it IN REAL TIME in a laboratory experiment.  Anti-evolutionists used to deny ALL evolution but when they were shown Microevolution in a lab, they changed their tune.  I'm glad you admit it's real because that basically means you accept macroevolution as well, you just don't know it yet.

    You see, all macroevolution is, is the accumulation of microevolutionary changes over a very long time.  So for example, you have an animal that eats leaves...but the most nutritious leaves in the area are also covered in thorns.  The population already has some individuals with thicker skin or fur that helps them tolerate the thorns.  So they get an additional food source.  They have an advantage.  And they increase the number in their population with that trait since those individuals get stronger and survive better.  That's microevolution - the spread of a trait within the population.

    But the thicker fur also makes them struggle in the heat perhaps, so the other individuals have an advantage.  Over time as different populations of the same species specialize, microevolutionary changes pile up and the two gradually become different species. That's MACROevolution. 

    Play this simple process out over geologic time and with an infinite myriad of competing selective forces and you get macroevolution.  If you believe in micro, you believe in macro because they're the same is just MORE of it.  It's sort of like addition and multiplication.  Multiplication is just adding repetitively.  

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    4 weeks ago

    There is evidence of all evolution. Ever wondered why a penguin has feathers but doesn't fly? There's no god - that's a fact.

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    I've never heard ANYONE say that! You're either fibbing or you mix with some very odd people!

    “Evolution” is the name given to a process that was known by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians - over time, from generation to generation, living organisms change, develop and adapt to their surroundings. We no more need “evidence” for it than we need “evidence” for trees or flooding - they can be observed and there are many examples of them. The Covid19 pandemic is the result of evolution.

    Inventing or using terms like “micro” and “macro” evolution just makes confused/ignorant/stupid people seem even more foolish!

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    Atheists call God a liar, so it is not surprising they indulge in lies and deceit.

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  • Paul
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    4 weeks ago

    So-called macroevolution is just the accumulation of microevolution over time. They are not different processes. If you change something in one small way every 50 years for ten thousand years, you are going to end up with something very different from what you started with.  What does this have to do with atheists?

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    No, it's just a lie.  Let them prove that God didn't uphold and maintain evolution.  The facts support creations spanning billions of years.  The facts support theistic evolution.  They just aren't there for atheistic evolution.  Only one mutation in 100 is even weakly beneficial.  Half are fatal.  The rest are debilitating.  The trends of atheistic evolution are to weakness, disease, and death, not to life and diversity.

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    All evidence from the fields of genetics, paleontology, biogeography, and comparative morphology support the theory of evolution.  And the distinction between so-called "mico" and "macro" evolution is based on nothing buy deliberate ignorance (with the emphasis on "deliberate").

  • Jeremy
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    This micro/macro complaint creationists trot out is absurd nonsense.  It's like saying, "Why yes, there's a road from Chicago to Denver.  And yes, there's a a road from Denver to Los Angeles.  But, you haven't proven it's possible to get to Los Angeles FROM Chicago."

  • Ted K
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    Except among disingenuous creationists, there is no "micro"-  vs "macro"-evolution, there's just evolution, period.  The only ones trying to make this micro/macro distinction are creationists.  This little word game was started as part of their own evolution--they could no longer deny everything the way they used to, so to keep up the pretense of scienciness, they invented this little hair splitting exercise, trying to redefine the field, making the bogus claim that speciation (their so-called macroevolution) MUST occur in order for evolution to be true.  They fail, because they are arbitrarily trying to redefine it to suit their creationist narrative--there certainly is no valid scientific reason to make such a distinction.

    Evolution is DEFINED by biologists as a change in allele frequencies in a population of organisms over time (generations).  It MIGHT result in speciation or it might not--other factors such as environmental changes, geographic or sexual isolation will determine whether speciation occurs or not.  But there does NOT have to be speciation for evolution to be true. 

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    Yes it's a lie. Atheists blatantly lie to protect their religion. Do not think that they only lie by omission. Atheists lie and distort the truth and manipulate data and omit info and create illusions. This is how they operate. 

    Now let's talk about evolution. There is absolutely no such thing as micro and macro evolution. The naming itself is not innocent. Truth is the theory of evolution has absolutely zero proofs and has never been observed.

    Now what some people like to call "micro-evolution" is actually nothing other than genetic mutation which has been observed time and again.

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