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Trump has convinced his brainwashed supporters that 'everyone is lying' about Covid19 so he wont get re-elected?

Scientists, doctors, the CDC, everyone. I swear.. sheep have more ability at critical thought than Trump supporters, literally, sheep.

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    Considering scientist are at odds with each other and a number have already been found manipulating their data, in regards to vaccines. It sort of throws them under the light of suspicion. Same goes with docs, many established even some from the same hospitals.  Then you have the CDC, the masks bad mask good, as well as they were caught fudging their numbers.  You believe we should only listen to the docs, the people that say what you want to hear, the other are fake or something.  Not sure who is actually the sheep, the one that questions all or the one that just follows their leader, like yourself.

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    Who are you going to believe?  Experts with doctoral degrees or Dear Leader?

  • 4 weeks ago

    They aren't all saying one thing dumbass.  That's the point.

    This thing isn't even as bad as H1N1 and that was only a few years ago.  If you want to hide from it, go ahead.  Stop telling us we have to.

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