Discuss the role that custom plays in societies.?

I would like to get insights on this.

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    The word "custom" is essentially a synonym of tradition. In Western society (before the current pandemic of the coronavirus) it was customary for a person to be greeted with a handshake. It has been a tradition for quite some time to acknowledge a persons (especially for the first time) presence. It signifies acknowledgment but also valuing the person who is being greeted. This is a tradition that has been adopted in the West for the most part, especially in America. Other customs such as waiting in line when making a purchase in a grocery store is necessary for the sake of order. This custom provides a sense of organization rather than a social interaction being disorderly which would lead to confusion. In this scenario, it is understood that the first person in line has the priority over those behind. 

    Customs serve the purpose of ensuring order, but also fostering social interactions that are respectful of other people. There are also other customs that are perhaps not as formal but more so it is done with the intent to mark time periods throughout each year. For example, there are holiday traditions or customs that many engage in to celebrate an event that is historically significant (e.g. Christmas) These customs provide an opportunity to socialize as well as set a time for remembrance of what the holiday represents to the person. Customs in the general sense signify a value set that is paramount to the society and it expresses the cultural values from within as a way to institute continuity throughout the society in question. 

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