Can I collect unemployment while still working a temp job in a different state?

So im still currently employed in new jersey but I left due to covid. I recently started a new job in New york as a doorman. Right now its only temporary and im only covering for guys on vacation so there will be weeks where I don’t work most likely. Am I still able to claim weekly in new jersey while working new york, or do I have to wait for a week I didn’t work to claim?

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  • 1 month ago
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    YES - you are allowed to earn money while you are receiving unemployment.  It does not matter what state you receive the UI from and what state you are working.

    You do not close your claim.

    Each week when you certify for benefits, it ask you "did you have any earnings" (or something like that.  You answer yes.

    - it will then ask you how much you earned. 

    If you earned more than your weekly base UI amount (not the extra $600) - you will not get any UI for the week.

    If you earned less than your weekly base UI amount, you will get approximately the difference plus the $600 while the $600 lasts.

    If you are let go from this job, you won't have to do anything to continue your claim, if you follow this.

    If you end up getting hired permanently, you would close your claim then.

    Good luck. 

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    1 month ago

    No. Absolutely NOT. You have to report where you are working to the unemployment office, whether in-state or out of state.  If you fail to contact them, you will lose your unemployment for withholding information on your job. Temporary or not, it is income, and they have to subtract that off of your unemployment. You can be fined, and lose your benefits. You have to let them know you have a temp job. 

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