What should I do?

There's a guy that I don't wanna be friends with on Facebook nearly every week he creates new Facebook profiles and sends me unsolicited friend requests I've asked him multiple times to leave me alone what else can I do?

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    I would block him, block every one of those accounts you see trying to friend request you. I had to do that once, my step sister whom I don't want any contact with kept sending me friend requests on facebook and she kept changing her name around hoping I would add her but I blocked every account of hers that sent me a friend request. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Try blocking all of his profiles then quickly change your FB name, profile picture, background picture and set everything to private so anyone outside of your friends on FB would not be able to see any of your posts.


    Delete and create a new FB account but don't put the same name or profile picture as the previous account as it will be obvious.


    Deactivate your FB account for a while, like for days, weeks or months just so he thinks you have deleted your FB page and will leave you alone or even better, forget about it. Then come back. I think the longer the account stay deactivated would be good.

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