It I gave a bunch of retribution money to some drug addicts who got a raw deal in life, will that help them become more stable?

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  • Craig
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    4 weeks ago
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    If by "retribution money" you mean money provided as a means of escaping whatever disadvantage led them to use drugs in the first place, I'm afraid that money would immediately be spent on drugs, instead.

    After all, the "addict" part tells you that the drugs involved create a dependency.  The dependency causes the addict to enjoy the drug or to loathe life without the drug.  The drug becomes the central determiner in the addict's life, between bearable life and miserable life.  So what other result could we expect?

    Even if the "raw deal in life" that you stipulate was corrected and appropriate therapy was provided to help the addict get over the raw deal, the addiction itself would see?  The addiction is a separate medical issue, independent of the raw deal.

    The only way you could hope to solve this with money would be to spend it on  therapy aimed at escaping the addiction.  Many of us carry within us the seeds of an addiction, just waiting for the right circumstances to emerge.  Those seeds don't necessarily have anything to do with the raw deal.  They would have to be neutralized and the "enjoyment" of the addiction eclipsed...and those two things are more to the point than correcting the raw deal.  Humans are built to be able to get over raw deals in life, and will automatically do so sufficiently on their own (given time) enough to get on with life.  But a human who enjoys taking a drug or who hates life without it is going to continue using it, whether they are at peace with their past or not.

    That's not to say that addressing the raw deal is always unnecessary, or wouldn't be helpful.  It just wouldn't stop the addiction, and money given to a drug addict is going to be spent on drugs.  Period.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Probably not. Just giving money to people unconditionally, especially people who are prone to making poor personal life decisions just enables then to continue doing what they are doing. Most drug addicts find themselves in the position they are in as a result of poor decision making. It's exceedingly rare that someone forces another person into partaking in hard drugs. Most did not get a "Raw deal", it's far more likely their problems are a result of actions they took (or didn't take) out of their own free will. 

  • Bort
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    4 weeks ago

    Money isn't a cure-all / end-all. You surely can donate money to a cause however there's no guarantee of how much it will help. Donations are used for supplies, and, whether you believe it or not, to pay bills as well as pay staff that are paid. Even charities have bills and paid staff - who are paid from whatever source the organization receives money from. 

    Addiction is one of the most difficult things for anyone to overcome and it really depends on whether the person wants to change and be sober or not. The addict has to want to change. Nobody can force them to if they don't want to. 

    Your money might help, but it might not be of as much help as you would hope. Especially if you give it directly to a person with addiction problems chances are very good all your kindness would be doing is supporting their addiction habit. 

    Some of us may not have had the best childhood however the truth of the matter is that where we are in life is a result of our own words and actions. We all, individually, make choices. The choices we make determine our outcome, where we are, and how we are. Some of us don't make the best choices and nobody can make a decision for someone else. It's up to each individual to determine how well they are living and how they are living, what we do with money we receive, etc. 

    It's all choice and you can't guarantee what option someone else is going to choose if you just hand them money. So if you're going to donate to a cause sometimes the best way to do that and insure the cause gets what you intend the money to buy is to buy that item and donate the item instead of giving them money. Giving money gives them options to choose from. Giving them an item eliminates giving them options - well other than pawning or selling the item to get money out of it, and you can't control that either. 

    Donating is a risk and a catch 22. It's always best to donate material things that are needed instead of money. 

  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    No.  The only help is through mental health medical treatment.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    In most cases, no. Handouts are never the answer. Look at people on welfare or have mild disability. They have no reason to get a job since they’re getting free handouts. 

    I have a bunch of coworkers who haven’t returned because they’re making more money on unemployment than working. I suspect most of them will return august 1st if the workplace allows them. 

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