What is wrong with The stores around my place that everyone keeps quitting? ?

I go into my local Home Depot, as ask any associate anything and they tell me that they’ve been there for about a week to a month or this is their second day. 

I search out for people who has been there the longest and I find people that had been there for a month sometimes.

this Home Depot has been opened for years, but anytime I ever go to it, the employees are always different and new. 

I would meet jake back in lawn in garden who would give me a raw deal and the next time I come in there that ‘jake’ has quit and found another job and I find another employee by the name of Kayla who apologizes for the misinformation that jake gave me and then I find that she had been there for 2 weeks.

I see a pattern at the Best Buy near our house also. 

3 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    Some people don't want to go back to work yet.  They don't want to risk getting covid, so the company has to hire new people.

  • They may have a high turnover rate. Usually retail isn't the best job in the world, so people give up after a few weeks or months and find a better job. Usually because they don't like the management, they don't like the job or having to deal with customers. 

    Also consider that they may have been shut down for a few months, due to covid 19. The people that have been there longer, may have chosen to look for work else where. I would challenge you to get a job in retail and see how long you last.....

  • 3 weeks ago

    This is because the pay at those places SUCKS!

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