Is This Herpes??

I am concerned because I have this itchy sensation on my penis and my skin gets dry down there and then when I have sex with my girlfriend it starts to itch while I'm inside of her and then little itchy bumps form and then after sex they go away. It doesn't hurt when I *** and I don’t have any pain when I pee or anything. I also got tested twice in the last six months and both tests came back negative for everything so I'm not understanding. I have only been having sex with my girlfriend but she has gotten tested too and was also negative. Is it skin condition? I have seasonal eczema but I've never experienced it down there.

3 Answers

  • If you're not having any itching, burning and or tingling symptoms down stairs then it's not likely to be herpes. Herpes usually comes with those symptoms. 

    Could be an allergic reaction and eczema can occur any where on the body.

    If you can go see your doctor and get this checked out. 

  • 4 months ago

    Herpes, no. Allergic reaction to something. Lube? Vaginal secretions? But doesn’t sound like herpes and you tested negative. It’s something else

  • 5 months ago

    only a doctor can tell you that so i would go see one

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