Why did I have diabetes if my family does not have it, and I have never had bad eating habits ?

I am a man 37 years old, I am sick of diabetes, and I don,t understand why ?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I am guessing that it is being caused by endocrine blockers making their way into our food and beauty products--and medications.  I know 2 people right now who are insulin resistant--one is maybe 80  lbs soaking wet and the other is maybe 100 lbs and she's a gym teacher who is physical all day long and then some.

  • **** happens. I have the same thing. Decent eating habits, never anywhere close to being overweight, not a single person in my family (even extended family) with it and yep, I got it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It happens. There are any number of reasons you are diabetic, especially if it's type 2. Insulin resistance, having had an illness that damaged your pancreas ability to produce insulin in response to glucose in your blood via your diet or liver releasing more glucose than is needed in response to activity. 

    You may have had trauma that damaged your pancreas, but I'm sure you'd know if you had such an accident. 

    No one in my family on my mom or dad's sides of the family have diabetes (as of the time I was diagnosed). So it's not unheard of. 


    I had a pretty average diet, and was not overweight. But yet I at 44 years old was diagnosed as type 2. But knowing is only half the battle. Being actively engaged in your diet and exercise is key. 

    Learning how much you can consume carbwise, and testing so that you have and idea of how those carbs affect your blood glucose levels is just as important as the rest of your diet, meds and exercise. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    What type of diabetes? Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that is not genetic. Type 2 is genetic and is not necessarily caused by lifestyle or what you eat or eating habits. The beta cells in your pancreas are producing less insulin as you get older. If you are also insulin resistant, what insulin your body is producing Is less effective. 

    If your pancreas was injured and traumatized in an accident, you can can develop type diabetes. 

    You claim none of your family had diabetes. Just because neither side of your family ever developed full blown type 2 diabetes or had it diagnosed does not mean you do not have the genes from one or both sides of your family. I am 1/ 8 Cherofee. I know what my maternal gra ndfather dies. It was not the 2 diabetes. One of my mother's cousins did develop type 2 diabetes probably in her 50s or early 60s. My father did not know of any diabetes on either side of his team I y but his cousin did have thyroid issues. ..

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