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Can someone find out if I buy a airplane ticket ?

Hi my friends and I are 17 and will be 18 in October/November can we buy a plane ticket for new years to nyc and will are parents find out we will all be 18 by the time we go 

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    No. The only way one could find out would be with a court order or if the plane crashed. However, if you have the confirmation email or other documents with the information laying around your room, all bets are off.  If your parents have access to your computer/email and or your bank account, they may say something

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    They may or may not, but buying a ticket doesn't make a lot of sense if you have to quarantine for 14 daysw when you get there. No one knows what the virus situation is likely to be then.

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    You may be facing some difficulties. Do you have a credit card? Most airlines only accept payment via credit or debit transactions only. Where will you stay? Hotels will not lease a room to teens due to law.

    Plus it looks like NYE in NYC will be a bust due to the pandemic. Recommend planning for 2022.

    Source(s): Work part-time at an airport.
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    Your parents finding out is the least of your concerns with this plan.  Before you make what will likely be nonrefundable ticket purchases, make sure that (1) you want to be in Times Square for NYE, (2) you consider the likely possibility that there will be no NYE event in NYC this year, and (3) you are aware you will have a hard time finding a place to stay at this point - an affordable place at that, especially considering your ages.  All that being said, the airline won't tell anyone that you bought a plane ticket; you DO need to use a credit card, so your parents will surely see the charge if you use their card.

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    Let's roll this back.  If you intend to go to NYC for New Year's Eve - you must have a hotel reservations a year in advance.  $$$$$.  No hotel will rent a room to kids your age. Then, you realize that you are herded in Times Square by 6 pm, no restrooms, no food, and not allowed to leave and return. You cannot bring anything INTO that area.  There is constant Interpol and allied video surveillance of the area.  So you are cold, hungry, *wet* (yeah - Pampers).  The whole airline component of you loopy *plan* is the easiest part.  Go re-read the zillions of other questions here, about this.  You must have a credit card to buy the plane tickets - CASH is not accepted.There are other flight=-related issues - but this is a waste of time to delineate them, since there are many obstacles to you *plan* already.  And you posted as Anonymous - so you have less credibility to begin with.

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    You can't buy one until you're 18; but aside from that, sure.

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    4 weeks ago

    Do they still teach English in school these days?

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