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Can someone tell me where is?

Where it is?

I really want to know where it is.

So, if you know where, please let me know.

That is really important for my life...

an attractive dramatic city that is full of new buildings, dignity and character excitement and vitality. It is a working city, but it has theatres, or possibly a film studio, and a tall communications tower on its highest point. This city is a warm sunny, wealthy welcoming and prestigious. A place where rich people lived. Also a place where a royal person, now dead may have lived. A stately house and a park remain. That city will lend a charm or fascination to your life. It is hilly, with dark valleys. A large cemetery with an arched gateway, and perhaps some famous tomb is there. It has a market place that used to sell a lot of gold and silver jewelry. A city of gold smiths and money markets in the past, less so now. It is in a square surrounded by a colonnaded street, or a market that places under the arches of a colonnade, and a place of street entertainers and performers.. It’s a also city where many young people live and work. But where the old or the dead are remembered. Its architecture is a mixture of the modern and the regal. 

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    San Francisco, California. Just watch out for the homeless out there. If you don't give them some money in denominations of Andrew Jackson and above, they'll drop a deuce on your footwear faster than greased lightning.

    Source(s): Former resident of California.
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    It's in your mind... I'm not sure it's any specific place otherwise. It could be many cities around the world.

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