What does this dream mean?

I feel like this dream is urging me to change something, but I'm not sure what.

My brother had come over to my house, and we hung out for a while, until this girl I've been flirting back-and-forth with came over. I hugged her and said something offhandedly that had hurt my brother, entirely on accident, and I shifted my focus from her to my brother. I said sorry and tried to comfort him but he decided to take a walk. I went to go after him but suddenly my grandma told me that fashion designers had come by because I got a really high score on a design test, and wanted me in a competition. Winning would earn me a lot of money. They had to send someone else to give me a second test so I could compete. I was really nervous, and still wanted to find my brother, so I abandoned the test to go find him. I found him a long ways away near a busy street. I took him back with me and he delayed the designer so I wouldn't be so nervous. The dream ends here, I never get to take the test.

What does this mean? I can't shake the feeling that there's layers to it, trying to tell me something. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!


EDIT: The girl I've been flirting with is also a fashion designer, if that means anything to the dream.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    So you were forced to make a choice between your family or your job and you chose your family.  I think  that shows great strength of character.  Keep flirting with this fashion designer. 

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