Digital cluster gauges for E46 M3 and aftermarket parts in general.?

So I live in upstate NY and I just purchased my dream 2003 BMW E46 m3. A: it's bone stock. Is there a site that's specific to aftermarket parts specifically for BMW? I've seen some sites like  bimmerworld but the selection isn't that great in my opinion. Compared to like summit racing. Yes I know it's a German car but I don't mind shipping parts from across the world after doing research on them. B: secondly the gauges on it I feel like my old ones that are in my 2003 m3 just aren't as nice now that I had to drive my wife's 15 3 series around for a bit while mine was in the shop for a couple of days. I've looked online and found "racing digital" but I don't need that. I was just looking for something my eye catching like the newer digital ones. Money's and time isn't a issue I can save up I don't need it now. But it would be nice all the have on YouTube is mainly changing the face colors.

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  • 6 months ago

    You know how you were super excited to find a bone-stock version of that (awesome) car?  Unless you plan to never sell it again I'd suggest leaving the gauge cluster and everything else as stock as possible (replace parts as necessary, but with OEM parts when possible) because modifications on a desirable car that is still bone-stock can drive its value down substantially later. 

    Yes, newer BMWs do have fancier looking gauge clusters, but yours is a 2003 and what you have is consistent with what was available in 2003 on a very desirable, high end BMW of the time.  If it were me I'd leave it all stock, enjoy it as-is, and drive the wife's car when you feel like it's important to be looking at a more modern gauge cluster etc.  Good luck.

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