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I'm worried following a sexual assault I won't get a boyfriend due to genital warts?

I was sexually assaulted by someone I know and I've ended up with genital warts

I'm getting treatment but I'm worried they will come back

It's upsetting as I didn't want the penetration to happen

I'm worried I won't get a boyfriend now 

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    4 weeks ago

    My friend that is a nurse was in her 50s when she got them from someone. She said that lot of people are able to "put them to bed" so to speak. Hopefully you will be one of them and your own body will fight them. You will have to be vigilant about getting checkups regularly. I think for many years it will force you to be discerning. You'll have to get to know someone really, really well first and then you can tell them what happened and that you could be high risk and leave it up to them. The good news is that most of the strains of HPV that cause the warts don't actually cause cervical cancer. I think the right guy could be understanding. You could also specify on dating sites that you are looking for a partner that is already positive. But wear condoms too if you do because you risk further exposure. You'll be okay just don't expose someone without telling them and letting it be their decision even though you weren't given a choice. May you be healthy and may you be well.

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    4 weeks ago

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