Is it alright for British BAME actors to act ethnic?

So I get it “blacking up” is offensive although it’s taking things too far when white people cannot voice black cartoon characters .

Where do we stand on British BAME actors putting on foreign accents?

Two examples, Sanjeev Kohli in Still Game. Sanjeev plays Navid an Indian shop keeper (let the stereotyping go for now), complete with heavy Indian accent. His normal voice has a Glaswegian accent. I’d this OK?Second example , Lorna Laidlaw playing Mrs Tembe from Botswana in Doctors. From the way she eebagums it in Corrie, I don’t think that’s her real accent? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Of course its all right

    you know, one rule for one, one for another an all that......

    Sanjeev is magnificent as Navid

    Lorna Laidlaw has quite a different accent to Mrs Tembe, or In Corrie

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    Most people dont mind actors playing a role

    just the few woke, who shout the loudest

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