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why does the grass cutter cut worse than me?

there is a grass cutter that my grandparents pays to cut our lawn in our backyard and front yard. they don't trust me for some reason..

He has a riding lawn mower, a push mower that blows the mulch on the ground and a weed eater.

His riding lawn mower is in good shape, his weed eater and push mower looked like it had been Frankensteined to work, 

He cuts the grass but the grass looks very etchy, scruffy, and discolored on many sides.

I cut the grass using my push mower Briggs & Stratton snapper with automatic push control on it, which has a mulch bag and had recently had new oil put into it, alongside with a new oil filter. I ditched my 1 year old gasoline and put new gas in it, which solved the recoil problem. 

I also cut the grass using my black max weed eater, which turns on when you prime the bulb 10 times, move to full choke, pull recoil 4 times, then go to half choke, pull recoil 1 time, then move to run. 

anyway the grass looks green and shiny and all nice and neat when I cut it and weed eater it. It is like the lawn appreciates my lawn cutting. 

However the grass cutter man has the higher ground, with his equipment compared to mine, but still mine comes out better than his.

why is that?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    Your equipment is in better shape.  You have a sharper blade for sure.  You are more invested in the outcome of the job.  Fwiw I think ride on mowers are for speed and efficiency but they seldom leave as good a cut as push mower.  (In my unsolicited opinion a sharp cylinder mower gives an even better cut but require much more extra work.)  Finally, do you mow more often than the grass cutter man?  Little and often results in a much thicker lawn.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don't know about you, but maybe the blade is dull?

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