Why couldn’t I vote yesterday in Alabama for the Democratic Party?

Yesterday was the primary elections in Alabama, Texas, and Maine (I am in Alabama). When I went to vote they told me only the Republican Party can vote, there was nothing for Democrats. I also have a friend who is in the same county and district and she is a democrat and voted within the Democratic Party. I don’t understand. Can somebody PLEASE explain this to me? 


Perhaps it’s only certain locations ? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    The primary elections in Alabama were on March 3.

  • Tmess2
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    4 weeks ago

    Tuesday was a run-off election.  The original primary was back in March.  You only have a run-off primary if more than two candidates ran in the original primary and no candidate got 50%of the vote. For the reasons that follow below, whether there was a Democratic run-off depends on your and your friend's county and precise address within the county.

    There were no state-wide runoffs on the Democratic side.  For anything that elects by districts (congress, state legislature, some county boards, city councils, etc.), the district lines can split a county. So it is possible that one part of the county is in District Y in which there were more than two Democrats who ran in March and nobody got 50% forcing  a runoff.  Meanwhile other parts of the county are in Districts W, X, and Z where for various reasons there was no need for a runoff.  (Say in District W only two candidates run in the original primary, in District X the leading candidate in a three-candidate primary got 50%, and in District Z no candidate ran.)  

    On the Democratic side, only one State Board of Education District (District Five) and one Congressional District (District 1) had run-offs.  Both districts have a split county (Clarke for the Congressional District and Montgomery for the Board of Education District).  However since Clarke is in Board of Education District 5, the only one for which this matters is Montgomery County.  (If you live outside either of those two districts, you would have only had a potential run-off for state legislature or county government.)  In Montgomery County, there were no Democratic run-offs for any race other than the Board of Education District.  So if you lived in the part of Montgomery County that was in District 5,  you had a run-off primary.  If you lived in the part of Montgomery County that was not in District 5, you did not have any run-off primaries.

    Republicans, on the other hand, had a state-wide run-off (U.S. Senate). So in addition to any district run-offs for Republicans in a particular location, every Republican in Alabama had at least one active run-off.  

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    its called a primary

  • 4 weeks ago

    Because in your area, there was only the republican primary.  If there had been a democrat primary, in  your area, you could choose.  But that is not the case.  So next time, pay attention, and have a voting plan when you go to vote.  You should not just show up and decide on the spot.  You should know who your voting for and decide if they match your values.  Its people like you who have given us the govt that we have currently.  Don't be like that.  Vote for the best person, not just another democrat or republican.  

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