Vegas Pro 14 - 4K (UHD) issues.?

Hello, I have recently upgraded my YouTubing camera gear to a GoPro hero 8 black. I used to have the Hero 4 black so its a lovely upgrade.  

However, the 4k 60Fps at 100Mbps is really struggling in Vegas Pro 14...

My question is: Is VP 14 too old for 4k footage and would I benefit upgrading to Vegas Pro 17 instead?

My PC system is:


GTX 1080ti

Z390-i motherboard

16GB Hyperx 2333mhz

2TB Samsung Evo 970 NVMe M.2

RM750X gold PSU

Custom water cooled

I aim for 10 minute Youtube videos so in Vegas there's between 20 to 50 small clips in my time line and the preview quality is set to draft which all starts out fine but the program often crashes, takes ages to load everything back in and after 30ish videos have been added, then it crashes during making a proxy for the next imported video. Half way through my project, I have to lower draft preview quality to half! I cant actually get to rendering my video because Vegas won't even open the Project anymore...

In Vegas I've altered settings like enabling Proxy (which helps the timeline/preview for sure until later stages). 

In Preferences, I have allowed 8gb RAM for the Dynamic RAM preview max and 16 Threads have been set to for the max render threads.

I have disabled resample and enabled GPU acceleration of video rendering.

I only have Vegas open when i'm editing as well.

I'm not sure what else I can adjust... I love 4k 60fps and I don't want Premier Pro as its a subscription...

any advice would be grand! 

kind regards! 

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