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why am i not losing weight when i exercise and diet I'm doing every thing right and I still can't lose weight?

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    Correction: I'm doing a whole lot right and I still can't lose weight.

    Weight Watchers veteran here. Tweaking what and how much you're eating is probably the issue, since weight loss is about food, not exercise. Here's some tips that help lots of people.

    Have a range of calories you can eat per day. Maybe, for an adult, 1200-1800. Some days you go low, some days you go high. Going low several days of a typical week allows you to plan ahead for a day when you'll go high, or even go over--and you might still lose weight that week.

    Weigh or measure everything you eat, before you eat it. No estimating. Our notion of how much is 4 ounces or how much is a cup can get skewed, and guess what! Nobody gives themselves too little, always too much.

    If you can't look up the calories either on the package or online, don't eat it.

    Eating out, or getting take-out? Look at the menu online and make a decision that's healthy. Don't look at the menu at a restaurant or drive-through, just order that healthy thing you chose.

    Cooking for yourself often? Tally the calories of the dishes you make, ingredient by ingredient, for the whole batch of whatever it is. Measure it as you serve it once. (So, for example, you learn your recipe for chili makes nine cups.) Write down the calories for the whole batch and for normal amounts in an alphabetized list. Easy to look up next time you make that dish.

    Add to that alphabetized document all the foods and beverages you frequently enjoy. It's a whole lot less looking up, which means you'll actually keep track. Most people need that list accessible on their phone.

    No bites, nibbles, samples, tastes as you cook or prepare food unless you weight or measure and count those calories. Example: I can eat a surprising amount of cheese while I'm grating cheese. I bet you can, too.

    Have snacks ready to grab and go, even if it's only to the next room. Measure or weigh ahead of time and put them in sandwich bags, bowls, or some other container that keeps you from eating the entire box, bag, etc. This means you decide ahead of time how many calories a snack is.

    Keep zero-preparation snacks on hand that aren't "bad" in terms of calories. Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt, fruit already rinsed (and portioned, if need be), celery and carrot sticks, that kind of thing.

    Drink enough water or no-calorie beverages that your pee has almost no color. Lots of times we eat when what we are is thirsty.

    If you drink alcohol, budget for those calories for a couple of days before you'll be doing it. Drinking more than three times a week can undo weight loss efforts.

    You can do this, really you can. I did.

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    If you gave way more information, we could help you. 

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